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EPICC (Environmental Protection in the Interest of Caldwell County)


Environmental Group

About Us

Environmental Protection in the Interest of Caldwell County (EPICC) is a grassroots movement of local residents who joined together in October 2013 to take action against the proposed landfill (aka SH130 Environmental Park) to be located at Hwy. 183 and FM1185 just north of Lockhart, Texas.

Our primary goal is to uncover the facts about this landfill? facts Green Group Holdings, LLC (GGH) will not be forthcoming with. We then get that information out to the community however possible because we are confident that when Caldwell County residents have all the facts about how this landfill will devastate our community, they will join us in our effort to put a stop to it.

Perhaps GGH thought we were just simple folk who would believe their rhetoric about how much better our lives would be because of the 130 Environmental Park.
-- Well, we may be simple folks, but we sure as heck know ''dump'' is not spelled ''p-a-r-k'' !

Consider your family's health, your property values, and the costly and dangerous results of having large garbage trucks driving on our roads bringing in waste from outside our county. And then join us.

This landfill is NOT a done deal! Contrary to what GGH would like us to believe, this landfill can be defeated, but it will take time, money and people who are willing to help!

We hope you'll join us!


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