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Red Rock Steakhouse & Saloon


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About Us

About the Steakhouse
Our own steakhouse building was the original General Store in neighboring Elroy, TX. We carefully moved it, and restored it. With the opening of this Steakhouse and Saloon long ago traditions from the founding of the village are being brought back to life along with the old world charm from the Bed and Breakfast and the quaint shops nearby.

About Red Rock
Red Rock, TX was originally established in June of 1870 when the Post office was built, with settlers there as early as 1850 and had a population of over 150 by 1884. This area is now referred to as Old Red Rock because in 1890 a railroad depot was built a little over one mile away, the citizens not wanting to miss the boom of rail profits, moved their places of business and the town thrived growing to a population of over 500. During the Great Depression however, means were scarce and the town began to fall to ruin with some of the buildings collapsing never to be rebuilt. This town however has managed to survive over time and is now being reborn. A historic home is currently being refurbished into an antiques store, the Post office and original General store still stands, and new historic buildings from nearby towns have been brought in.

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