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News Release: Hometown Cinemas Joins Forces with TheaterEars to bring the Families Together

Hometown Cinemas Joins Forces with TheaterEars to bring the Families Together
End of Language Barrier at the Movies
For Immediate Release – Oct 6, 2021
Hispanic audiences are America’s most active moviegoers, representing 24 percent of frequent moviegoers. Yet the language barrier prevents still more Hispanic people from enjoying the moviegoing experience.  Hometown Cinemas has joined forces with TheaterEars to make Spanish Language Dubbed movies available at all our theaters.
TheaterEars, a free, ad-based mobile app that lets moviegoers access a Spanish-language soundtrack on their phones. The Florida-based company with over 600,000 users nationwide, uses the phone’s microphone to identify and sync the film with its official Spanish language audio track, allowing viewers to listen to it discreetly with a pair of headphones as their screen dims. 
TheaterEars CEO Dan Mangru describes the inspiration for his app: “TheaterEars comes from a very personal place.  When you have loved ones who cannot go to the movies because of the language barrier, it’s a frustrating experience.  So the idea was to make an app to help people go to the movies and enjoy it in their own language.”

“We believe this technology will be bring families closer together and enables them to share an experience that they couldn’t have before,” says Randy Hester, President of Hometown Cinemas.  Hester went on to say, “In that same spirit of creating community, Hometown Cinemas is always looking for ways to bring that Hometown Spirit to all our community and TheaterEars give us one more opportunity to do that.”
But ultimately, as Hester puts it, going to the movies is about connection: connection through better accessibility but also proper representation. “We get to connect with the movies, the experiences of other people; we connect with the people next to us. But we also connect with the characters on screen. It’s part of a shared human experience. I don’t think that will ever go away. That’s where the big screen moviegoing experience is so valuable and so important.”

Users can download TheaterEars on Google Play, the App Store, or by visiting or
For more information contact Dan Mangru of TheaterEars at - 561.305.0519 or Randy Hester of Hometown Cinemas at – 214-668-0663

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